Jill Hai For Select Board Experience. Leadership.
For Select Board Experience. Leadership.

Jill’s Priorities

Twenty-four years ago, my husband and I chose to set down roots as young professionals in Lexington because it was beautiful, historic and diverse. Since then, our children have received outstanding public-school educations, and my mother has relocated here, finding a vibrant, welcoming community. I believe in fostering a wonderful community like ours by participating. That is why I have decided to run for a seat on the Board of Selectmen.

Over the past 24 years, I have demonstrated my commitment to Lexington by serving as president of the Bridge School PTA, on the boards of the Lexington Education Foundation and Temple Isaiah, as a twelve-year member of Town Meeting, as well as on many other committees.

I served on the town’s Capital Expenditures Committee for five years, including four years as Chair. With this experience, I bring powerful expertise and perspective to the Board of Selectman as it faces some of its most consequential decisions.

As a member of the Board of Selectmen, my priorities are to:

We are the stewards of our town’s capital assets. Lexington has over forty significant capital assets, including public safety buildings, schools, water and sewer lines, roads, recreational facilities, open spaces, and more. The majority of this infrastructure is at least fifty years old. We must maintain and improve these resources to ensure they will serve our community now and far into the future.

We must address our capital needs responsibly and sustainably. Prioritizing and balancing our infrastructure projects within the contexts of our revenues, existing debt, and annual operations is integral to our success. Lexington creates five-year capital projections and updates them annually. This planning allows us to save money, mitigate the impact of debt payments on residential taxpayers, time our debt bonding for new projects with the retirement of existing debt payments, and maximally avail ourselves of grants, state funding, and other resources to offset our costs

Lexington’s greatest asset is our people. In fact, this town thrives because of broad civic engagement. As we plan and prioritize long-term and annual budgets, we must do so as one Lexington. Our community is healthiest when our children’s environment is enriching and safe, we care for and value all members of our community, and our diverse citizenry lives with friendliness and mutual respect. We will not always agree with one another - the issues we face are too complicated. However, we must set our priorities and meet our community’s needs being mindful not to unduly burden any of our residents.

Most importantly: you matter. Your hopes, concerns, and dreams for our community will shape Lexington’s future. I want to meet and hear from you. Please join me at my Office Hours - the schedule is on this web site’s home page. I can also be reached at jillhailex@gmail.com.