Jill Hai For Select Board Experience. Leadership.
For Select Board Experience. Leadership.
Jill Hai

My name is Jill Hai and it is my honor to serve as a member of the Lexington Select Board.

I’m proud to have worked to broaden our community’s commitment to social justice and racial equity, increase opportunities for smart economic development, provide affordable and diverse housing, and strengthen our place in the region. I currently serve as the chair of the Select Board. I am also the chair of the Special Permit Residential Development (SPRD) committee, seeking to increase affordable, accessible and attainable housing. I strongly believe that the largest problems we face will require solutions larger than one community will solve alone. So while I continue to work on our local solutions, I also serve as the Select Board representative to our regional planning council, collaborating on transportation, DEI, climate resilience and housing solutions with our neighbor communities. I have also been elected to the Board of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, where I serve as Vice President of the Association and Second Vice President of the Select Board Association, and as a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee.

As a 28-year resident, with children who attended the public schools, and a mother who lives in town, I know our community and have actively worked to support it. Prior to joining the Select Board, I served 12 years in Town Meeting and five years on the Capital Expenditures Committee, including four as Chair. I also served as President of the Bridge School PTA, on a variety of town committees and the Boards of the Lexington Education Foundation and Temple Isaiah.

I hold a B.S. degree from Cornell University and a J.D. from Vanderbilt University School of Law. In my professional career I was a Labor and Employment attorney and a Human Resources and Labor Relations Director.

My experience has taught me to approach issues by seeking diverse opinions, listening to others, researching the facts and evaluating all matters critically. I look forward to continuing to hear the views of everyone in our community and working together to steward Lexington; honoring our history and building our future as an exceptional and inclusive community.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or issues you would like to discuss.

Contact Jill

During social distancing, Jill is happy to hear from you! Contact her via Twitter, Facebook, or
contact -at- jillhai -dot- com
to arrange a phone call or a zoom meeting.

Jill takes over as VP of Massachusetts Municipal Association

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